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The meaning of the word diet is “way of eating or lifestyle.” When the word diet is heard it is associated with something extreme that includes both a starting and a stopping point. Thinking of a diet as a “way of eating” is not only more accurate but more helpful and sustainable.

Here are some tips to help you stay positive and make progress in you "way of eating."

  1. Enhance your desire for healthy food. Many people believe that healthy food does not taste good or satisfy. In reality, healthy food can be both delicious and satisfying. Begin with foods you like that you know are healthy and then start trying similar healthy foods. Do not force yourself to eat food you really dislike just because it is good for you. Also, reduce your exposure to over sweetened, over salted, and processed foods.

  2. Make it harder to make unhealthy choices and easier to make healthy ones. Keep unhealthy food out of the house or in an inconvenient location.

  3. Pick two or three treats you really love and enjoy them, on occasion, without guilt.

  4. Exercise is not a punishment for unhealthy eating. Your eating habits and your exercise behaviors are meant work together rather than work against each other. The power of both physical activity and good nutrition together is greater than either one alone.

  5. Disrupt old habits and replace them with new ones. If you always have a bowl of ice cream while watching television at night, simply sitting down to watch a show at night can create the craving. Disrupt the habit by replacing it with healthier behavior. Anything that disrupts and delays the automatic response (eat the ice cream) to the stimulus (sitting on the couch) can trigger your ability to consciously control your behavior rather than letting it be automatic.

  6. Avoid the extremists. Center your eating plan on real food, consisting of plants, nuts, seeds and animal products that fit your lifestyle and preferences that are healthy for you. 

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